Intermittent Fasting – the Kreation Way

Intermittent Fasting – the Kreation Way

By Nikki Rahimian

By now we’ve all heard about the latest health and wellness craze; intermittent fasting. Research behind this proposed eating schedule suggests that when you fast for extended periods of time, your human growth hormone levels increase while insulin levels drop, making it easier for your body to access stored body fat and burn it off instead of pulling from new calories when you eat all day long.

The most common IF schedule is 16:8. This means you eat during an 8 hour window, from 12pm-8pm for example, and fast for the other 16 hours of the day.

One thing we love at Kreation is flexibility. It is a flexible lifestyle change that allows you to switch your eating hours based on your lifestyle. Not a big evening eater? Eat from 8am – 4pm. Or 11am – 7pm…you get the idea.

It is recommended to start slowly in the beginning. Try pushing your breakfast out by an hour. Have a bottle of our lemon, peppermint, turmeric, or chlorophyll water in the morning, followed by Kreation’s cold pressed coffee to help curb hunger until the end of your fasting cycle. As your body adapts to the later eating time, try pushing your first meal back by 2, then 3, then 4 hours. Listen to your body and go with how you feel.

It is important to “break the fast” with something light that will nourish your body after it has thoroughly cleansed itself during your fast. We recommend one of our Probiotic Chia-almond-Yogi “yogurts”. The chia seeds provide your body with fiber while the almond milk base is a great source of protein, and the added probiotic cultures continue to aid in the maintenance of a healthy gut! An hour or so after your yogurt, go for one of our grab and go salads (the Meltdown is my personal favorite) or come in to one of our Kafes and join us for one of our signature breakfast dishes like the O-Mega Bowl or Shiraz Frittata.

Please note that this eating pattern isn’t for everyone. If you’ve had an eating disorder, this method is not recommended since it can trigger a relapse. But if you’re looking to burn off stubborn fat and need to try something new, we definitely recommend giving this a shot.

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