28 Days to TRANSFORM Your Life!

28 Days to TRANSFORM Your Life!

Detox & Weight Loss Lifestyle Program

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If you’re wanting to shed extra pounds, feeling sluggish, fatigued, suffering from acne, candida, poor digestion, brain fog, or simply need a healthy lifestyle change; 28 days is the perfect amount of time to break old habits, kreate new habits, and get back on track to achieve your health goals! We prep 4 weeks worth of meals for you (in case you’re too lazy, too messy, or too busy), which saves time and makes it easier for you to focus on the really important stuff.

When it comes to weight loss… one of the biggest reasons people struggle to lose weight and keep it off is because they don’t make the necessary lifestyle changes to sustain their losses. The 28 Day Transformation focuses on helping you look at your health and food choices as a long-term approach to losing and maintaining a healthy weight; by substituting cleaner food choices into your regular diet and consuming smaller portions without sacrificing flavor or satisfaction. By mixing things up, keeping your diet interesting and overcoming boredom and monotony at mealtime, you’re less likely to cheat and forfeit your progress (after all, this is LA... we struggle with commitment).

Think of it as a reset button for your body. When our bodies are overloaded by toxicity or sluggishness, we lose the ability to process foods in an optimal way; so we make it a point to maximize the nutrition you get in every meal with fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Consuming in such a high quantity, you’ll flood your body with the building blocks it craves. Vitamins, minerals, microorganisms and other nourishing components will help cleanse and strengthen every system in your body. 

Go with your gut… Your digestive system has a major impact on your immune system and overall health. Normally, digestion takes up an enormous amount of your body’s energy. If it has more time and support, you can make its job easier so your body can focus on other critical areas and rebuild itself on a cellular level.

After 28 days, foods that you know are detrimental to your health won’t hold the same power they once did. You will establish healthier dietary habits and will be operating on a new frequency thanks to consuming foods that hold a living vibration. Remineralize, alkalize, detoxify, nourish, repair, transform and let real, living foods bring you back to life!

Week 1: Your body will be adjusting to new eating patterns and sugar intake (or lack thereof). Feeling a little hungry, tired, weak or irritable is totally normal.
Week 2: Your hunger should start to subside, but you may still feel sensitive as toxins continue to move through your body. Practice our self-care tips!
Week 3: Your energy levels will continue to increase, you should experience an enhanced sense of well-being and alertness. The last of the toxins are leaving your body!
Week 4: Your body should be cleansed of toxic buildup that has been weighing you down physically & mentally. You may find yourself pounds lighter, clear-minded, having heightened senses and a better connection with your mind, body and spirit. Congratulations! Keep your health journey going!

If you’ve been regularly consuming processed foods, refined sugars, heavily smoking/drinking (no judgement- we’ve all been there), it’s recommended to prep at least 3-5 days in advance and slowly ease these out of your diet to minimize potential side effects.
Hydrate! Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day (more if you’re exercising).
Constipated? Try senna leaf tea, a Flush Down syringe or our Poop Enforcer herbal laxative.
Practice self-care. Massages, saunas, yoga, bubble baths, colonics, enemas are your friends. Dry brushing improves circulation to ease lightheadedness, and opens pores to allow you to sweat and accelerate the detoxification process.
Adding light regular exercise is critical to success.
Take things one day at a time; when you’re tempted to cheat, remind yourself that you’re working towards a larger goal. Don’t confuse cravings with intuitive eating! If you mess up, don’t be hard on yourself-- just pick up where you left off, and don’t give up!
Detoxing your mind is just as important as detoxing your body! Get some fresh air, read an inspiring book, journal your thoughts, cry it out!
Supplements are a great addition; take a multivitamin daily and/or whatever else your doctor or nutritionist prescribes. CBD can help calm, promote restful sleep and ease potential discomfort as well.
Continue to juice, hydrate and eat whole foods after your program is complete.

Eating inflammatory foods (especially white sugar, white flour, refined vegetable oils, trans fats).
Over-exercising without allowing for enough recovery.
Smoking and consuming too much alcohol.
Depriving yourself of sleep. 

  I often feel sluggish after a meal
  I would like to lose some extra weight
  My diet consists of a lot of starchy/carb-heavy foods (pasta, rice, breads)
  My diet consists of a lot of dairy or red meat
  I drink soda or consume refined sugars regularly
  I often eat fast food or processed foods
  I don’t have a regular exercise plan (or I exercise less than twice a week on average)
  I often crave coffee, sugar or alcohol
  I include less than 2 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in my daily diet
  I smoke cigarettes
  I consume more than 1 alcoholic drink per day
  I want to improve my energy levels
  I suffer from inflammation, acne, candida or digestive issues
  I have brain fog or trouble concentrating
  I’m too busy, lazy or messy and want to save time and energy with healthy meal prep
  I want to live an overall healthy lifestyle and establish healthier eating patterns

Did you answer YES to 4 or more? We would recommend the 28 Day Transformation for you. 

If you have serious medical concerns or conditions, please talk to your doctor or nutritionist prior to starting the program.

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  • What is the average weight loss on this program? how many calories a day? Also how many days in advance does it need to be ordered?

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  • Hi I would like to do the 28 day plan

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  • Do you ship water/juices to Denver?

    Michon Kretzschmar on
  • To substitute any items in the 28 Day program, simply include your requests in the “notes” section at checkout! Or give us a call at 1-844-KLEANSE. Enjoy!

    Kreation on
  • Is there a delivery chose for the 28 transformation day program?

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