Kreation’s 28 Day Transformation: for those ready for a real lifestyle change!

Kreation’s 28 Day Transformation: for those ready for a real lifestyle change!

28 DAYS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! Now how does that sound?! Kreation’s 28 Day Transformation is the ultimate kleanse experience. I can confidently guarantee that after 28 days of eating some of our best whole-food rich meals filled with protein, amino acids, collagen, antioxidants, omegas, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, along with energy and mood boosting superfoods, you will definitely feel like a transformed person. All meals included in the 28 day transformation provide a wide range of benefits and satisfy almost every craving. Yup, that means no cutting out sugar or carbs to reach your healthy lifestyle goals…we just went ahead and kreationized them for you 😀. Are you ready to meet the new you?

Now, how can you decide if the 28 day transformation is right for you? Do you often feel sluggish after a meal? Would you like to lose a few pounds? Does your diet consist of a lot of starchy/carb heavy foods like bread, rice, and pasta or a lot of dairy or red meat? Do you drink soda or consume refined sugars regularly? Often eat fast food or processed foods? Crave coffee, sugar, and/or alcohol? Do you include less than 2 servings of fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet? Do you want to improve your energy levels and get rid of that always puffy feeling? Do you feel like your digestion is sluggish and needs a reset? Have trouble concentrating or suffer from brain fog? Lastly, do you want to live a healthier lifestyle so badly but just do not know where to start?! Well if you answered yes to ANY of these questions…I’d say this kleanse is for you.

In terms of what to expect: on week 1, your body will be adjusting to new eating patterns and probably going through some sugar withdrawals. You can expect to be feeling a little hungry, tired, weak, or irritable but that’s totally normal! By week 2, your hunger should start to subside but you may still feel sensitive as toxins continue to move through your body during the kleansing process…this would be a perfect time to implement some self care practices like yoga or meditation! Once week 3 rolls around, you will find that your energy levels are increasing and you should experience an enhanced sense of well-being and alertness…the last of those pesky toxins are exiting your system! By week 4, your body should be all kleansed out of the toxic buildup that has been weighing you down both mentally and physically. You may find yourself a few pounds lighter, more clear minded, and more in tune with your body. All in only 28 days?! Sounds like a dream come true to me. 

During your 28 day transformation there are a few things you should keep in mind…try to stay away from all inflammatory foods such as white sugar, white flour, refined oils, and trans fats. Listen to your body and do not overexert yourself when it comes to exercise…we find that most people feel best participating in light forms of exercise like walking and pilates while cleansing! Stay away from smoking, alcohol, and caffeine as much as possible…if absolutely necessary, up to 8oz of coffee per day can be consumed to avoid that dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache. Our Kreation Koffee is roasted in-house in small batches and and provides clean burning energy with no jitter or crash perfect for keeping your kleanse as clean as possible. Lastly, make sure you are prioritizing sleep! If you read our kleanse prep blog, you know how important sleep is in the overall cleansing process. Speaking of our kleanse prep blog…make sure to take a look at it before getting started on your 28 day transformation; I can guarantee that it will make your kleansing process go so much smoother! Good luck and get excited to meet the new you! 

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  • I am currently doing the 28 day transformation program. Could I repeat this program once I am done with this one? Is it healthy?

    Griselda Vega on

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