Understanding the Macrobiotic Lifestyle

Understanding the Macrobiotic Lifestyle

Understanding the Macrobiotic Lifestyle…and why it may be everything you never even knew you needed!

You’ve probably heard the buzz word or seen some of your favorite health influencers post about Macrobiotics…but what exactly does a Macrobiotic lifestyle entail? Well first off, it’s important to note that calling it a ‘lifestyle’ should not be taken lightly—Macrobiotics is not just a diet, and that’s why we at Kreation love it so much! Macrobiotics is a way of living with respect for the physical, biological, emotional, mental, ecological, and spiritual order of our daily lives. See, I told you it’s not just a diet…we love a multifaceted wellness theory. 😀

Macrobiotic living means striving to learn the art of balance in everything we do. This begins with a reorientation of everyday eating by using whole, natural, high-quality foods and simple, more traditional methods of preparation. It means accepting the responsibility of putting and keeping our lives in harmony within our families, communities, and ourselves within society, nature, and the universe. Ok, now I know the idea of total harmony in all aspects of life might not always seem so simple and possible, but remember, it’s the thought that counts!! 

Macrobiotic eating does not mean adhering to one unchanging “diet.” It may mean eating in a more regulated, simple way or the opposite - in a more broadly varied way, depending upon your needs, preferences, and circumstances – all of which can change over time! Macrobiotic eating means gaining your own understanding of how different foods affect you and choosing, preparing, and consuming your meals with an active sense of admiration for life. 

The macrobiotic theory places special emphasis on conscious diet because regulating your daily eating and drinking is the most basic, practical way to change your life. The food you eat affects the quality of your cells, tissues, organs, and mind. Like we say at Kreation… "you are what you eat, so don’t be fast, easy, cheap, or fake”!

Macrobiotic eating consists of lots of whole grains including but not limited to all types of rice, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, whole grain breads, noodles, and more. Soups are also play a big role in macrobiotic eating—soups can be made from veggies, grains, or beans, and seasoned to your liking. Sea vegetables like seaweed are also rich in trace minerals and super important. The main source of protein in a macrobiotic lifestyle comes from beans; a wonderful and nourishing source of vegetable quality protein. 

Now, onto our very own Macrobiotic Addict—we kreationized our Macrobiotic Addict bowl to enhance nutrient availability all while ensuring you experience all those signature Kreation flavors you know and love. Our Macrobiotic Addict is made with seasonal cauliflower, broccoli, butternut squash, black kale, black beans, red cabbage, black sesame seeds, garlic, and Kreation spices. A perfect mix of nutrient dense, fiber filled veggies that will keep you feeling full and satisfied. Don’t forget to try one during your next visit to your local Kreation…we promise you won’t be sorry!  

And if you take one message away from this week’s blog post, we want you to remember the importance of BALANCE…there’s no written macrobiotic diet rulebook that says you have to religiously follow the lifestyle. Like everything else, give it your best shot, “cheat” every once in a while, and make sure not to stress; because nobody wants elevated cortisol levels

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