HapPENIS is an Inside Job 🍆✨

HapPENIS is an Inside Job 🍆✨

June is Men’s Health Month, and what’s more important to men than their favorite... sidekick 🍆😏? We’ve got the scoop on fruits, veggies and superfoods that can help clean your pipes, boost self-confidence, stamina and performance. After all, your pen🥖s is like a luxury car… you need to fill it with the highest grade fuel and keep up with maintenance to keep your ride running smoothly. 😎

We've asked around and found 5 common issues that keep men from getting up, staying up, and feeling confident enough to perform in the bedroom. Don’t worry, we have the healthy solution!!

    1. Eat, drink, and don’t stink!
      If you’re worried about stinky sweat while getting your groove on, or if you don’t want your fluids to taste funky, add some Chlorophyll to your water, and drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water everyday. Chlorophyll deodorizes from the inside out by flushing out toxins and heavy metals from our system. Soon you may even be able to ditch that deodorant! Chlorophyll cleanses, rebuilds blood cells and keeps your sweat and semen smelling and tasting good. Easy come, easy go! Of course, pineapple juice is also a fan-favorite to keep the funk out of your spunk.
    2. Watermelon is the new viagra.
      Watermelon contains high levels of the amino acid L-citrulline which can help you get hard and stay hard. Once it’s in the body, it converts to L-arginine, stimulating the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow. High doses of L-citrulline can help erectile dysfunction, so be sure to include as much of it as you can in your daily diet. Not a watermelon fan? Cucumber and pumpkin also have high levels of this magical amino acid.
    3. Don’t let your Jimmy get the Jitters!
      Performance pressure and anxiety in the bedroom can get you stuck in your head and keep you from staying up and enjoying the moment. Cacao + avocado are high in magnesium, which is a crucial mineral for maintaining calm and relaxation. Don’t forget to load up on leafy greens which are full of B vitamins, essential for healthy nerve and brain function which control your experience of pleasure and ability to remain calm.
    4. Sexy time shouldn't feel like a chore.
      While some men wouldn't have trouble getting erect at their own funeral, others may have a harder time getting in the mood. This can be due to exhaustion, lack of sex drive or low stamina. Not to worry, matcha green tea contains L-theanine, an aphrodisiac that has been proven to increase the level of dopamine in the body. Dopamine increases your energy levels and your sexual appetite, plus it helps provide clarity so you are alert and ready to go!
    5. A strong immune system is sexy!
      When your partner is in the mood, the last thing they want to hear is "not tonight honey, I'm not feeling well". Keep the immune system strong with lemon, packed with Vitamin C, cayenne pepper which boosts the good bacteria in your gut and releases endorphins to stimulate circulation and sexual desire + ginger for it's antiviral anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger also increases blood flow to help enhance arousal.


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