Kleanse Prep 101

Kleanse Prep 101

With the New Year just days away, you’ve probably been giving a lot of thought to that same old, same old “New Year, new me” saying. If 2022 is really the year you want to do it right and get your life on the right track health wise, deciding to do a kleanse can be the first step towards a healthier you! With that being said, jumping head first into a kleanse after a holiday season that was probably filled with way too many sugary and carb filled treats (who could blame you, that’s what the holidays are all about!!) would be an undeniably drastic change and is usually the first mistake people tend to make when it comes to kleansing. Preparing your body for a kleanse by treating it right a few days before starting will help your kleanse experience go smoothly and trustttttt me, your body will thank you.

While prepping for a kleanse is different for every person, here are a few basic tips that are sure to make your transition into a kleanse a lot less extreme and even more enjoyable!

1. Focus on consuming real, whole foods and minimizing intake of all that harmful, inflammatory bullsh*t.

Yup, that means substances like your beloved sugar, caffeine, and alcohol should take a backseat for the days leading up to your kleanse. Think about it, consuming the above-mentioned things will only add toxins into your body that the kleanse is trying to remove! Give your body a break and do yourself a favor by dropping these at least 2-3 days before starting your kleanse.


2. Stay Hydrated…

Your body will be working overtime as it adjusts to your kleanse. Not only will staying hydrated on the days leading up to your kleanse (by drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day) help your body acclimate to the kleanse process and keep you from feeling burnt out, but drinking water will also help flush all those toxins out of your body!


3. Prioritize SLEEP!

As mentioned before, your body is going to be working overtime in order to adjust to your kleanse regiment throughout your kleanse program, so trust me when I tell you that getting a good night’s sleep in the days leading up to your kleanse (and definitely during) will help you and your body immensely!


4. Begin to modify your exercise regimen to include light and supportive workouts like Pilates, Yoga, or even just taking a walk around the block.

You’ll want to avoid any high intensity workouts during the duration of your kleanse in order to preserve energy levels and prevent burnout, so it’s not a bad idea to get your body acclimated and adjusted to those types of workouts a few days beforehand.


5. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor!

This probably goes without saying, but if you are on any medication or dealing with ongoing health conditions, make sure to check with your doctor before starting any sort of kleanse or regimented meal program, just to make sure you’re good to go.


6. Remember to keep stress levels at bay and enjoy the process!

If this seems like a lot of work just to get started, remember these steps won’t just prep you for your kleanse, but hopefully they are healthy habits that will translate into a lifestyle shift that sticks! 


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  • Hello, I just purchased the 28 day transformation program for my husband and myself. Is there anything else that we need to know besides the information that is posted before starting? I am exited to begin this process.

    Griselda Vega on

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