Probiotics For Fearless Farting

June 16, 2016

Probiotics For Fearless Farting

Let's face it, some people are just gassier then others. Not all farts have to be stinky. If your gas can clear a yoga room, then there might be something deeper going on in your gut. Probiotics, the “good” bacteria that live in your gut and aid digestion, can boost your health and relieve intestinal inflammation and reduce smelly gas.

There are many over-the-counter probiotic supplements that you can take, however we always recommend going the natural route- a probiotic-rich diet.

You have probably heard about the concerns about having too much dairy. Not to worry. You can still get your probiotics without having heavy dairy in your diet. We have a great non-dairy solution for you that will give you the probiotics you need: Organic Almond Yogi. Come try our Cacao Yogi , Strawberry Yogi, or Vanilla Yogi, which helps to:

  1. Improve Digestion 
  2. Boost your immune system
  3. Increase energy from production of vitamin B12
  4. Eliminate bad breath
  5. Clear skin
  6. Shed lbs
  7. Improves liver function to detox the body
  8. Reduce constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and yeast infections

Look out for your gut, so your gut can look out for you!