3 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath and Whiten Your Teeth

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Let's face it, in the game of love, bad breath can be a deal breaker. Before you go in for a smooch (even if it’s just with your dog), try these easy steps:

1. Coconut Oil Pulling Is A Great Way To:

  • take care of dry chapped lips
  • prevent bad breath
  • heal bleeding gums
  • prevent cavities
  • and whiten your teeth with one treatment!

Oil pulling is a fantastic oral detox that is as simple as swishing a tbsp of coconut oil (or olive oil if that is what you have handy) in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. The oil literally sucks the muck out of your mouth and creates a kiss worthy sitch up in there.

2. Chlorophyll Water for Body and Mouth Odor Control

We hate to break it to you but bad breath is usually a sign of a toxic colon, and nobody likes poopy breath =(

Chlorophyll is known as the the molecule in plants that absorbs sunlight and uses the energy for photosynthesis in plants. What not everyone knows is Chlorophyll has tremendous benefits for people too. We recommend a daily dose of Chlorophyll for:

  • eliminating body odor and bad breath
  • boosting natural energy in your body
  • detoxifying the liver
  • cleansing the digestive tract

Grab our Chlorophyll Water to hydrate, and purify toxins from your bloodstream and digestive system. It contains alkaline water which is 6 times more hydrating than tap water and it neutralizes the acidity in your body for overall health.

3. Brush or Scrape Your Tongue

Even if you are the most hygienic person you know, the truth is bacteria lives and festers on your tongue (so gross). Brushing or scraping your tongue removes dead cells and is an important way to prevent bad breath.

If your tongue is white, that is not a good sign. You want it to be healthy and pink. If you’re looking for a simple and fast method to clean your tongue (and don’t have a tongue scraper in your house), simply use a plastic spoon to get the job done.

Start at the back of your tongue and pull the spoon forward with the spoon faced down. After a few scrapes your tongue color should be more of a healthy pink tone. Looking good? OK great. #YourLoverSaysThankYou


- The Kreation Team

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