Jet Lag Detox

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Feeling jet lag after your Spring Break travels? Here are some tips for physical and mental endurance, clarity and flushing out the toxins.

Get Stamina with Fiber

Fiber is great for long lasting energy to give you the stamina you need after long travel days. The daily recommended amount of fiber you should take for optimal energy is 20-35 gms, but the average person consumes 10-15 gms on a daily basis and even less when they are traveling.

Good source of fiber: Beans (Try our new Monterrubio Vegan Burrito or our Organic Quinoa Bowl!)


Boost Your Brain Power with Omega 3s

These essential fatty acids help your body store carbs as brain fuel instead of fat and provide protein for long lasting energy, thereby helping your mind stay sharp and on point!

Good sources of Omega 3s: Fish (Try our tuna or salmon wraps in dark leafy collard greens)


Stay Hydrated and Flush Out Your System!

Drinking water and hydrating fluids like coconut water and charcoal water are important post travel because your body needs to flush out the toxins as you acclimate after traveling. When you don’t drink enough water, your heart has to work overtime to push blood to your cells because the blood is thicker.

This extra work your body is doing causes a sense of fatigue. So have lots of water! If you don’t like drinking H20, then reach for fruits and vegetables that have a high water content (like watermelon… or try our Sassy cold pressed juice made from organic watermelon, lemon, and cayenne!)

Good sources of hydration: Try our Young Coconut Water, Charcoal Water or Charcoalade (young coconut with activated charcoal).

Coconut water has more electrolytes than leading sports drinks and more potassium than bananas! Activated charcoal clings on to the toxins in your body and helps flush your system. In ancient Iranian remedies, people would use activated charcoal to cure poisonous bites. We recommend this for not only poisonous bites, but also for travel fatigue, and hangovers!

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