Thanksgiving Kreationized

Thanksgiving Kreationized

by Nikki Rahimian Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Do you feel like your anxiety levels are through the roof around the holidays? Whether your stress is centered around traveling, seeing those overbearing (yet love-able) family members, or over indulging on your holiday faves, we have some Kreation hacks to make your get-togethers a little easier. Tis’ the season to be stress free.


Has society programmed you into thinking of the holidays as “cheat days”? Don’t worry, you don’t have to cheat! Life is about balance. These healthy, happy hacks can be incorporated into any holiday meal. Balance the “sinners” with some “saints".




We have plenty of Grab N’ Go options to take with you to your family and friends’. So be the hostess with the mostest. Our 32oz Bone broth is the perfect way to squeeze in some gut healthy, anti-aging, immune boosting flavor into your Thanksgiving stuffing. Plus, the collagen in the broth promotes hair, skin and nail rejuvenation. Knowing that you’re stuffing your face with the beauty benefits of bone broth is guaranteed to boost your mood. You can also do a vegetarian version with our Vegan Boneless Broth.



Need some gluten-free options in a family full of gluten lovers? We’ve got you covered and you don’t have to miss out on the joy of snacking. Our mini GF pumpkin pies, cookies, brownies and loaves of gluten-free, dairy free breads are the perfect tasty desserts to bring to the table. Of course sharing is caring so grab a few individual pies for the whole gang. With the single serving size Pumpkin Pies, you can not only be covid safe, but also travel friendly. Just throw a few in your cooler bag and go.



Don’t feel like you're skimping on the joy of indulging. Remember that fueling your body with nutrient dense and healthy treats brings the most joy to our tummies in the long run and it can taste just as good. Remember, you are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap or fake. Surprise your guests by kreating the cutest Kreationized party platters with items like our Macrobiotic Salad, Dehydrated Fruits, Yogi’s, Granola and more.



You can pair these Kreation platters with our shareable 32oz Slim Master or a seasonal Heart juice (pomegranate, apple, lemon) which are  both kid friendly but also make great mixers for those essential holiday cocktails. We suggest you mix the Slim Master or Heart with tequila or champaign for a quick and easy balanced drink. Top them off with a little bit of rosemary for a beautiful seasonal look.



A little bit of macrobiotic technique in your dinner plan can incorporate some yin and yang elements to help you find balance and feel guilt-free.  Add some yin, a light and colorful Macrobiotic Salad, which provides a lot of raw phytonutrients before consuming your yang, a dense and warm Thanksgiving meal.


Leaning into the joy of that Pumpkin Pie, cocktail or stuffing doesn’t need to bring a feeling of guilt afterwards. Take it easy this holiday season with your Kreation family. Our cleanse specialists will be here all season long to support you.

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