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Most of you don't come in for your shots until you're full on sick. BIG mistake.  At the first sign of sniffles or sore throat, you should be in the juicery stocking up!

The combo I've personally found to be the most efficient is:

Take them in this order, yuckiest to tastiest!

  1. Decongestant - Garlic and onion to clear your nose
  2. Antibiotic - Oregano oil 
  3. Feel Better - Echinechea and Turmeric
  4. Vitamin C - Camu Camu
  5. A citrus juice to wash it down.

All of them have vitamin in them, but you can't get enough in your condition!

Instead of the Vitamin C shot you can also check out the syringes, we have Immune and Emergency to help you!

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  • Can these shots be used daily as maintenance ? Or used only when feeling ill?

    Greg Tieman on

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