Get Valentine's Ready with the SEX KIT 💗 Nice Package 😉

February 08, 2019

Get Valentine's Ready with the SEX KIT 💗 Nice Package 😉

Ready for some frisky business?
The Sex Kit is now available for a limited time only. Flooded with vitamins & nutrients to keep energy levels sustained & keeping your blood flowing for peak performance levels! Not planning on getting it onany time soon? This kit still has amazing benefits for hair, skin and nails, hormonal balance, pre & post-workout, digestive health and weight loss.

Get the low-down on each product:

Berryatric: Meal alternative that provides essential nutrients and protein resulting in sustainable energyfor hours. Features Berry Wellness powder which benefits hair, skin and nails.

SOL: 50 Shades of Green is packed with superfoods to combat inflammation and fuel the body, plus Serenity helps boost metabolism, flush water weight (no bloat!) and aids in digestion.

Glamology: Replenishes skin, sharpens vision and promotes digestion. Packed with almonds, flax meal and collagen protein, it rejuvenates the joints and keeps you full without feeling weighed down.

Sexy: Just two ounces of matcha latte, maca and ginseng ensures a healthy libido!  Feeling sexy is proven to improve not only your mood and confidence, but also lessens stress and blood pressure. Maca helps regulate hormonal balance and gives you stamina so you can go…

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Vitamin C: Packed with Camu Camu for mood-boostingproperties, pineapple for your body to taste & smell nice, and strawberry for antioxidants, this powerful dose of Vitamin Cwill keep you from getting sick on Valentine’s Day!

Beautify: Improves appearance of hair, skin & nailsand floods the body with phytonutrients.

Mediterranean Almonds: Packed with fat-burningproperties that help keep you full and energized. Fun fact: almonds are proven to help maintain an erection!

Cacao Pudding: The taste of chocolate is known to help women release pleasure hormones, similar to having sex or working out. This plant-based dessert is a non-guilty essential on Valentine’s Day.

Energize Bar: On-the-go this Valentine’s Day? Still treat your body right with a quick bar that supports brain function, muscle recovery, stamina, blood circulation, libido and skin health.

Cloud 9 Wellness: Mix this powder in water, a juice or smoothie to help achieve a strong, healthy heart and radiant skin. The Ashwagandha and Astragalus roots in this powder is proven to help decrease the risk of heart disease and support a healthy cardiovascular system.

Dehydrated Pineapple: This easy, nutritious snack can make you taste and smell better!

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