5 Ways to Kreate a Klean Diet You Can Maintain.

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Eating healthy can seem like a challenge if you're doing it on the fly.  Below our nutritionist Megan offers you 5 ways you can easily keep your diet clean and delicious.

1. Shop Farmer's Markets for Variety.

Hitting up your local farmer's market is a beautiful way to spend an hour outside and a great way to get organic, seasonal veggies into your meals.  You'll find the fresh veg has much more flavor and are easy to add to your favorite salads and roasting recipes. 

2. Keep The Menu Simple

Think of basics that you won’t mind eating again as left overs with different seasonings or can throw into another dish. Roast a chicken with asparagus and quinoa for dinner, then turn that in to lunch for the next day by adding mixed greens and sliced apple for a fresh and tasty salad.  

3. Cook in Bulk.

If you're making the meals above, roast 3 chicken breasts, double the amounts of quinoa and store both in the fridge for future meals. Both make great snacks instead of something packaged and processed.

4. Stock The Pantry.

By keeping bone broth and barley in the cupboard it’s easy to quickly throw together a soup by simply adding your favorite veggies. Frozen fruits in the freezer turn into a delicious breakfast smoothie. 

5. Swap Out Your Sauces.

Adding a new ingredient or swapping out one for another can be a game changer. Using roasted spaghetti squash in place of regular spaghetti noodles with your favorite tomato sauce is a healthier way to make your favorite pasta dish. Squash up an avocado and add pesto for a sandwich/wrap spread instead of mayo. Smother your ground turkey in salsa instead of tomato or bbq sauce.  One chipotle pepper will give any soup or marinade a delicious smokey flavor.

If you want a one on one consultation with Megan, email Kleanse@KreationOrganic.com

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