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the kreation hangover kit

Rough Night? You're in Luck! 🍀Hangover Kit

If you've ever uttered the words "I'm never drinking again"... Don't worry, we've all been there. Alcohol is a toxin, and when your body processes it, a compound known as acetaldehyde is produced. As this compound builds up in your liver, you wake up the next day with a lovely hangover. Here's a kit that can help kick that hangover to the curb so you can get on with your day: Here's what's in it: Charcoalade: Ginger, coconut water, coconut sugar, lemon, cayenne, activated charcoal Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll and pH 9+ alkaline water Peppermint Water: Peppermint oil and pH 9+ alkaline water Green #5: Pineapple,...

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