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Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Fruit 🍫  🍓 😋

Chocolate Covered Dehydrated Fruit 🍫 🍓 😋

by Nikki Rahimian Certified Holistic Nutritionist Happy December Kreation fam! With winter finally here, meaning more time indoors (aka more time snacking 😉 ) let’s get you in the mood to kreate some homemade organic, easy treats that are delicious and nutritious. These simple recipes are sure to have your sweet tooth and your belly feeling satisfied.      Queue kreation dehydrated fruits! Did you know that our dried fruits are made in house without any added sugars, preservatives or bullsh*t? Meaning they’re the perfect fiber filled, nutrient dense, sweet tooth indulgence to choose over other holiday sweets. Consumption of dehydrated fruits...

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