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sex kit

Sex Kit

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This Sex Kit will have you saying Nice Package!Ā šŸ˜‰

Flooded with vitamins & nutrients to keep energy levels sustained & keep the blood flowing!

Berryatric: Meal alternative that provides essential nutrients and protein resulting in sustainable energy for hours. Features Berry Wellness powder.

SOL: 50 Shades of Green is packed with superfoods to help and fuel the body, plus Serenity helps you look as good as you feel!Ā 

Glamology: Packed with almonds, flax meal and collagen protein, it rejuvenatesĀ andĀ keeps you feeling full without feeling weighed down.

Sexy:Ā AĀ healthy libidoĀ means a happy life! Feeling sexy can improve not only your mood and confidence, but also may even lessen stress.* Keep up your stamina so you can goā€¦

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Vitamin C: Camu Camu, strawberry, and pineapple can help your body feel, taste, andĀ smell nice while also helping you stay healthy on Valentineā€™s Day!

Beautify: ProvidesĀ the body with phytonutrients.

GoGo Garbanzo:Ā FeelĀ full and energized to give your best to that special someone.Ā 

Cacao Pudding: This plant-based dessert is a non-guilty essential on Valentineā€™s Day.

Energize Bar: On-the-go this Valentineā€™s Day? Still treat your body right with a quickĀ healthy snack.

Cloud 9 Wellness: Mix this powder in water, a juice or smoothie to help keep yourself looking and feeling radiant.Ā 

Dehydrated Strawberries:Ā Energy-boosting antioxidants

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.