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3 Day Klean & Lean Kwik Kleanse
3 Day Klean & Lean Kwik Kleanse
3 Day Klean & Lean Kwik Kleanse
3 Day Klean & Lean Kwik Kleanse

3 Day Klean & Lean Kwik Kleanse

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Recommended For: Weight Loss + Immune Support

Day 1

Wake Up: Green #2
Breakfast: Strawberry Yogi
Pick-Me-Up: Antibiotic Tonic
Lunch: Hummus Wrap
Pick-Me-Up: Vitamin C Tonic
Dinner: Cauliflower Soup

Day 2
Wake Up: Celery Juice
Breakfast: Berry Coconut Breakfast All Day
Pick-Me-Up: Feel Better Tonic
Lunch: Farrout Veggie Medley
Pick-Me-Up: Skin Tonic
Dinner: Weight Loss Cabbage Soup

Day 3
Wake Up: Green #3
Breakfast: Chia Pudding
Pick-Me-Up: Decongestant Tonic
Lunch: Go-Go Garbanzo
Pick-Me-Up: Vitamin C Tonic
Dinner: Limon Green Soup

Gifted With Kleanse:
Sip As Needed: 32oz Chicken Bone Broth
(can be substituted with vegan broth upon
request via notes at checkout)
Sip As Needed: 32oz Slim Master
Hydrate As Needed: Alfalfa Chlorophyll Water
Super Snack: Badass Super Collagen Oatmeal
Super Snack: Cacao Energy Ball


● Enjoy coffee, black or green tea before 3pm so you can still get a restful sleep. Omit added dairy and sweeteners (we recommend monkfruit or raw honey if you do need a little sweetness).
● Eat as much cucumber, celery and lettuce as you want! Squeeze a little lemon and extra virgin olive oil on it (optional).
● Stay hydrated! Drink at least 32oz of water per day. Add apple cider vinegar, lemon or mint to enhance your detox (optional).
● Constipated? Try senna leaf, featured in our Poop Enforcer herbal laxative tea.
● Detoxing your mind is just as important as your body! Get some fresh air, take a bubble bath, do some yoga or light exercise.